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Game Rules

All of the official game rules can be found here. Click on any link for a pdf file that you can download or print for future reference. There's a space for your feedback down below if you have any suggestions!

The Janken Deck gives you lots of ways to play. Take out the Water and Lizard suits for easier games or combine the whole deck with a standard deck to play with nine suits at once! Some games depend on the Rock-Paper-Scissors rules, some games are just more fun to play with five suits instead of four.

Click on the GAMES button below to get started or try a new game. You can even invent your own game for the Janken Deck and share it with the world! If you don't have a deck but want to try, click on "Free Games" for a print and play mini version.

An introduction to the Janken Deck for first time players.

The classic card game "War" but for the Janken Deck. Lots of fun variations too!

A beginner game for the Janken Deck for 1 or 2 players. Good for learning the "Stronger" and "Weaker" suits.

Game Categories

Find a game that's just right for the size and age of your group from the categories below.

Easy to understand games with simple strategies. Plus a few educational games to help practice arithmetic and other elementary skills

Games to pass the time on your own.

Games for just you and a friend.

Games for groups of friends and family gatherings.

Games for big groups and a party atmosphere!

Try your hand at these challenging puzzles!

Game Submissions

Have a fun game with the Janken Deck that you want to share? Click on the button below!


These games are all very new and I'd be happy to get your feedback! What games do you like best? Are any games too easy or too hard? Can you offer any suggestions to make the games better? Are any of the game rules confusing? (Did I make a typo?)

Just fill out the form below and share your thoughts!

Thanks! Message sent.

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