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What is the Janken Deck?

The Janken Deck combines Rock Paper Scissors rules with a classic playing card format for a new way to play cards!

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Water and Lizard make up the five suits. Each suit has different strengths and weaknesses against each other but no suit is strongest. Each suit has the familiar Ace through Ten, Jack, Queen and King. There is even a Joker in every suit for the more challenging games! is your source for game rules and updates. Be sure to bookmark this site and then connect on social media for the latest updates and new game rules! Click on the INTRO button below to read the basics of how to play with the Janken Deck (pdf file) or click on "Videos" for a video introduction.

Janken Deck rock paper scissors water lizard

Learn more about the Janken Deck with this introduction video.

Game Submissions

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These games are all very new and I'd be happy to get your feedback! What games do you like best? Are any games too easy or too hard? Can you offer any suggestions to make the games better? Are any of the game rules confusing? (Did I make a typo?)

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