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Art Prints

When I designed the Janken Deck I wanted to capture the look and fine detail of the classic playing cards that I grew up with. For the face cards I used real kings and queens from history. Since the classic deck uses European royalty I chose to look to other parts of the world (Rock: Middle East and India, Paper: Africa, Scissors: North and South America, Water: Pacific Islands, Lizard: Asia). The weapons and patterns in each face card reflect time and the culture of each leader. The Jokers represent a trickster god or story teller from each different region. Be sure to visit the Gallery Page to see who's who and choose your favorites.

Normally the Ace of Spades is the fanciest card, but since this deck has no high suit I chose to make each Ace pip big and decorative.

The prints come in 5" x 7" individual cards and 11" x 14" posters of each set of face cards. They can be bought as individual pieces or in sets of 5. Each are labeled with the title of the card and the personality depicted. They are printed on card stock, and are packed with a cardboard backing and clear envelope.

An artist signature is available by request (on front or back). Just leave your request in a comment when you order and I'll sign your piece!

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