Set of Five 5" x 7" Face Card Prints (By Rank)

A personal set of five 5" by 7" art prints for the price of four. This is a collection of all the Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks or Jokers in every suit. All are labeled with the name of the card and the name and title of the person depicted. Includes cardboard backing and clear envelope for protection. Suitable for framing!

Set of Five 5" x 7" Face Card Prints (By Rank)

Five 5"x7" prints of one rank

    The Janken Deck including all art, face cards, suits, and pips is copyright 2017 by Jeffrey Daymont. Jeffrey Daymont retains all rights to the intellectual property of Janken Deck card games including but not limited to video games, mobile apps, cartoons, TV shows and movies.

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    © 2017 by Jeffrey Daymont

    All Images and Art Copyright 2017