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2 Player Games

Try to break your partner's secret code! Use clues to guess the right combination to win!

Overpower enemy forces before they can defeat you. Use your best strategy!

Get three in a row before your opponent does. You can use any suit to win, but so can your opponent!

How well can you remember where your opponent's cards are hidden?

Find the Joker hiding among the other face cards. This game was made with two decks in mind, but a one deck version is included in the rules.

Deal out a game board then move your pieces from stronger to weaker cards to reach your goal! Rules for two games are here: Corner to Corner and Edge to Edge.

A game of fast hands and fast thinking. Play stronger cards on weaker ones to collect them before the Dealer can take them away!

Attack your opponent with spells to diminish their health points while you defend yourself from their attacks. For 2 or 3 advanced Janken Deck players.

A classic game with a Rock-Paper-Scissors twist!

Leap around the lily pads without landing on another frog!

Use your cards to volley the ball back and forth to victory!

Play as Tennis or Volleyball! too!

Build and defend your tower in this game for advanced players.

Try the Dungeon Race version of this Solitaire game.

Classic Crazy 8s with five suits plus a "Joker's Wild" variation of the game.

Build stacks of cards as high as you can in "King of the Hill" and the variation "Stack Up"

The legendary "Snake that eats its own tail" comes alive in this game.

A mash-up of "Old Maid" and "Go Fish"

Be the first to get a Straight Flush, "Rainbow Straight", or 5 of a Kind.

A card throwing game of skill

Collect sets of 5 of a Kind, but if you get someone else's cards it's Finders Keepers!

Collect clues to predict the other players' Secret Cards!

Match sets of cards to add to your collection

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