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2 to 6 Player Games

Stack Up and King of the Hill. Use stronger cards to build the stack higher! 2 to 6 Players

Start with Crazy Eights, then try Joker's Wild!

2 to 5 Players

Plays like the classic game "Spades", but with fun surprises.

3 to 5 Players

Plays like the classic game "Hearts", but the point suit changes every round. 3 to 5 Players

Overpower enemy forces before they can defeat you. Use your best strategy! 2 to 4 Players

Draw cards to get a straight or five of a kind before your opponents!

2 to 4 Players

What happens when you play bridge with five suits instead of four? I don't know either! 4 Players

Now you can get 5 of a kind without wild cards!

2 to 6 Players

Match sets of cards to add to your collection.

1 to 4 Players

The legendary "Snake that eats its own tail" comes alive in this game.

2 to 4 Players

Collect clues to predict the other players' Secret Cards!

2 to 6 Players

Hop your frog to new Lily Pads but watch out below!

2 to 4 Players

A classic game, with a new Rock-Paper-Scissors twist!

2 - 6 Players

Collect sets of 5 but if you find other players cards it's Finders Keepers!

2 to 4 Players

Build and defend your tower in this advanced game.

2 to 4 Players

Combine your Janken Deck with a standard one to play with 9 suits at once! Can you get 9 of a Kind first? 5 to 9 Players

Get three in a row before your opponent does. You can use any suit to win, but so can your opponent! 2 to 4 Players

Attack your opponent with spells to diminish their health points while you defend yourself from their attacks. For 2 or 3 advanced Janken Deck players.

A mash up of Old Maid and Go Fish!

2 to 6 Players

Knock over the bowling pins for points!

1 to 4 Players

Play as Ping Pong, Tennis or Volleyball!

Play with 2 or 4 Players for Doubles!

Collect runs of Scissors cards to earn points!

Try the Michigan Rummy style scoring for even more points!

3 to 6 players

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