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Videos for Janken Deck

Welcome to the video page!

This page is for all the videos about how to play games with the Janken Deck.

You can also subscribe to the JankenDeck YouTube channel to get notifications for when new videos are posted.

Learn more about the Janken Deck with this introduction video.

Ready to play? This video covers the basics of the Janken Deck and how to play "War".

Learn the rules for Solitaire when you have 5 suits. Are you up for the challenge?

This game combines Tic-Tac-Toe with Rock-Paper-Scissors and playing cards. Try Tic-Tac-Rock with a friend or two!

Learn to change your favorite games with five suits, then add rock-paper-scissors rules!

A fun solitaire game for when you don't have much table space!

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