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Janken Deck Basics

An introduction to the Janken Deck for first time players.

The classic card game "War" but for the Janken Deck. Lots of fun variations too!

A beginner game for the Janken Deck for 1 or 2 players. Good for learning the "Stronger" and "Weaker" suits.

Kids Games!

Simpler games for the young and young at heart. Low strategy but big fun!

A mash up of Old Maid and Go Fish!

2 to 6 Players

Knock over the bowling pins for points!

1 to 4 Players

Get three in a row before your opponent does. You can use any suit to win, but so can your opponent! 2 to 4 Players

Start with Crazy Eights, then try Joker's Wild!

2 to 5 Players

Test your memory with these classic games

2 Players

Build your collections of 5 of a Kind.

2 to 4 Players

Jump your frogs onto lily pads, but watch out below for other frogs!

2 to 4 Players

Volley the ball back and forth. Tennis and Volleyball too!

2 or 4 Players

Educational Games

Try these games to practice your skills from school!

Add up to three numbers to reach the goal for the hand.

It's Janken War but you must use your subtraction skills to keep score!

Practice arranging cards in a color wheel. This game needs Hearts from a standard deck to play.

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