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These are all of the games for the King's Keys deck so far. Click on any button for the official rules (pdf)

An introduction to the cards in the deck

An introduction to grouping cards into melds, a skill used in games like King's Rummy, Trio Treasures, Bazaar, and Collection Agency.

The title game for this deck of cards. Fortify your kingdom to make it the strongest in the land!

4 Players

Trade cards with the other players selling at the Bazaar to build a perfect hand with a four card meld!

4 Players

A new take on a traditional poker style game. Get the best three card hand to win!

2 or more Players

Build the longest chain of cards as you can in this fun family game.

2-4 Players

Can you spot the meld in the cards on the table? A fun game of observation for all ages.

2-4 Players

A tricky solitaire game to test your wits. Can you play out all the cards?

1 Player

A race to get your crew to connect all of your tracks like dominos. You'll need some different buttons or coins to use as playing pieces.

2-6 Players

A kid friendly game of observation to collect a school of fish where the cards are four of one kind. Play for speed or strategy in advanced versions.

2-6 Players

A simple game of building a hand of five cards with one thing in common.

2-4 Players

A game of logic and deduction. Can you guess your opponent's secret cards before they can guess yours?

2 Players

A fun twist on a favorite card game. Build melds to play out all your cards before anyone else!

2-4 Players

Fun for kids and beginners alike. Test your memory by matching pairs of cards in a face down arrangement.

2-4 Players

The seedy underground market is the only place to collect the relics you need for your wealthy investor. Find Holy Relics for bonus points!

4 Players

Gather as many three card melds as you can for the highest score.

2-4 Players

It's like Tic-Tac-Toe but with cards and more strategy.

2-4 players

Collect sets of supplies to impress your King!.

3-8 Players

Try to get all of the cards from the Yard into the House for the big party!

1 Plater Solitaire.

A Whack-a-Mole style solitaire game where you try to eliminate any matching pairs.

1 Player Solitaire

It's card vs. card in the King's Keys version of War. Includes variations for 2-4 players.

A Flip and Fill game where you deal cards and complete categories to boost your score. Like Yahtzee but with cards!

1-6 players

An easier Flip and Fill game for younger players. Great for practicing counting and adding skills.

2-6 players.

The King and Queen awards points for rare sets of cards. Match cards to collect them, then build combinations for points!

Game Submissions

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