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I'm Jeff Daymont and I create specialty playing cards. Each of my decks explore a new generation of card games by changing the structure of card decks.

The Janken deck replaces the standard suits with Rock, Paper, Scissors, Water and Lizard.

King's Keys is a 4x4x4 deck with medieval themes.

And Dark Hand merges two 52 card decks, one light and one dark, into one.

Each deck plays a variety of games for different ages. All of the game rules are posted on this website plus some instructional videos.

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(You will need to have a sellers permit before ordering from this page.)

The Numbers:


MSRP for any deck is $20

The display boxes for Janken Deck and King's Keys each hold 10 decks for $100

The display box for Dark Hand holds 12 decks for $120

(50% off MSRP)

Free Shipping for orders over $150

Free Demo Deck with your first order.



I prepared this video to help your sales people describe the Janken Deck to your clients. Watch for tips on getting this into the hands of the people who will enjoy it most!

Read the PDF Sell Sheet to answer your questions about the Janken Deck.

Then show the Promo Flier to your customers to answer their questions!

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About the Decks:


The Janken Deck and King’s Keys are designed to look and play like standard decks of cards but they simply use a different math.


The Janken Deck uses the familiar ranks of Ace through King but has five suits: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Water and Lizard. The Rock-Paper-Scissors relationship between the suits offers new levels of game play or you can try your favorite card games with five suits instead of four.


King’s Keys is a 4x4x4 deck with 64 cards. Instead of a rank and a suit, each card has a number, an item, and a color. A Mediaeval/Fantasy theme is suggested with the four colors representing Kingdoms and using Keys, Axes, Shields and Coins for items, but not all of the games are based on weapons and treasure.


I designed the pips to be bold and easy to distinguish for players who are color blind or need reading glasses (like me). The cards are all poker sized and printed in America on high quality card stock. The cards don’t rely on text, so if a friend can teach you the rules you don’t even need to understand English to play.


Basic games are included in each deck but all of the game rules (over 70 games so far) can be found here on the website. I will test and add new games over time and invite people to share games that they have invented. I will also continue to produce How-to-Play videos for YouTube and the website for people who don’t like to read the rules.


Who are the cards for?

I am unashamed to say that both of these decks are a bit nerdy due to their mathematical structure and many of my buyers embrace the nerd culture. But in addition to those game enthusiasts other excited buyers have been:

Families who game together

People who enjoy a challenging solitaire game

People looking for an unusual gift

People who appreciate the art and history in the face cards and want to support a local artist


Do any of those sound like your customers?

Use the online shop above for wholesale orders then explore the rest of the website to learn more about the games and the art.

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