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on Kickstarter Spring 2024

Welcome to!

This is your source for everything there is to know about the Janken Deck, the King's Keys deck, Dark Hand and the new Puzzle deck. This is where to find official game rules, how to play videos, game art and mobile applications.

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The Janken Deck

The Janken Deck uses 5 suits and Rock-Paper-Scissors logic for a fun new twist to your favorite card games and lots of original games too.

Click on the button below to learn how to play with Rock, Paper, Scissors, Water and Lizard!


The King's Keys Deck

The King's Keys Deck is an all new 4x4x4 deck. The four color Kingdoms all have Keys, Axes, Shields and Coins in this unique 64 card deck. Play over 20 original games or invent games of your own!

Click on the button below for game rules and videos for the King's Keys deck!

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The Dark Hand deck

The Dark Hand deck is two complete 52 card decks merged into one. You can choose to play your Light Hand, or turn your cards over to play your Dark Hand. Play your favorite card games but with an alternate hand in a parallel universe!

Click the button to learn all about it!

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Old English Puzzle Deck

Available to preorder now!

Historic English card designs with an all new logic puzzle. Challenge yourself and your friends to solve the puzzle then enjoy games with a classic 52 card deck.

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Mobile Apps

Janken Deck has teamed up with Storm Turtle Games to make two new solitaire apps! Both are available on Apple and Google devices. 

Download them both for free on the Apps page!

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Art Gallery

Get a closer look at the art created for the Janken Deck and King's Keys. You can learn who's who behind the face cards too!



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Art prints of the face cards are also available. 

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