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Sales Positions

I am looking for friendly sales reps who can go to different markets and events in their own region to sell specialty playing cards and art prints. Sales have gone well for the past year with my three decks and I plan to have more products soon. I sell primarily in Southern California so I'm looking for people who can bring my card decks to new markets.

Job Description:

You will go to nearby events to set up a vendor booth, then do a short sales pitch about the different card decks to anyone interested. Then sell to anyone who wants them.

It is a hustle because people won't just walk up and buy, instead you will need to tell each customer what makes these cards different. On a busy day you will be talking consistently, but I can walk you through the sales pitch I've developed over the last few years.

You will need:

A vehicle large enough to hold folding tables, displays, and sometimes a folding canopy. I can supply what you need for the booth and a supply of products, so there should be no out of pocket expense for you to begin.

The Pay:

When you start you will earn a commission of 25% of sales, and I would cover all of the booth fees. In the future you can choose to earn higher commissions by taking more responsibilities and covering more of the expenses.

The sales you make will largely depend on the economy of where you live and how far you are able to travel to shows.

You would be working as an independent contractor and I can not guarantee a salary, so for now it would be best to consider this as a side hustle to add to another income.

To Apply:

I ask that each applicant be at least 21 years old, have a valid driver's license and insurance.

Please email me a resume and tell me about (briefly)

1. Your experience with card games

2. Your experience with public speaking or performing

3. What is the nearest city to where you live?


Jeff Daymont

DelMar booth.jpg
At the San Diego County Fair
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