Party Games!

These are games for big groups. You may even need more than one deck!

Combine the Janken Deck with a standard deck to play with 9 suits at once! Can you be the first to get 9 of a Kind?

The host takes on all the party guests in this elimination game.

A game to play as your guests mingle.

A game of skill and steady hands!

A classic game with a Rock-Paper-Scissors twist!

The odds in Poker are different when you have five suits!

The Janken Deck including all art, face cards, suits, and pips is copyright 2017 by Jeffrey Daymont. Jeffrey Daymont retains all rights to the intellectual property of Janken Deck card games including but not limited to video games, mobile apps, cartoons, TV shows and movies.

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© 2017 by Jeffrey Daymont

All Images and Art Copyright 2017