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These are all of the games for the Dark Hand deck so far. Click on any button for the official rules (pdf).
Want to try inventing a new game? Be sure to check out "Modifying Games" below!

An introduction to the Dark Hand deck.

It's like Crazy 8s but everyone switches between their Light and Dark hands any time you play an 8 or Ace. 

2-5 players

Complete a 3 card hand first to keep from putting your tokens in the pot. Call "Dark Hand" to raise the stakes!

2-6 Players

Each deal gives you a Light hand, a Dark hand and a combination of both. Which hands would you wager on?

2-6 Players

A game for Cribbage fans. Try to get the best score for both your Light and Dark hand!

2 Players

It's Crazy 8s but you play Light cards while your opponent plays Dark. Can you plot a strategy in this crazy game?

2 or 4 Players

Trick taking gets trickier when you switch between Light and Dark cards. Will you be kind to your opponents or does your Heart have a Dark side?

3-4 Players

Take tricks in Light or Dark shades. Just remember that a low card in one shade can be a card to keep in the other shade!

3-4 Players

In this version of Hearts, points score against you no matter if the hearts are Light or Dark!

3-4 Players

A challenging game of flipping cards from light to dark, then removing them from your hand. How far can you go?

1 Player

Be the first to play out your cards in this bluffing game. Are your friends telling the truth or do you have doubts?

3-4 Players

Snap or Clap when you spot pairs to collect all the cards on the table. This quick paced game can test your reflexes!

3-5 Players

Want to try your favorite card game with the Dark Hand deck? Here are a variety of game mechanics you can apply to standard games to play with both the Light and Dark sides of your cards!

Game Submissions

Playing card games is fun, but playing games you created can be even more fun! For ideas on how to make your favorite card games playable with the Dark Hand deck, read this pdf about Modifying Card Games. It might even give you ideas for making a new game from scratch!

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